Ruby Jean Rose was born in the US but moved to the UK as a teenager where she started songwriting and performing live. After she left school she started working as a live sound engineer and organising concerts (Carnivalesque 2013) but she knew her place was on stage making the noise.

After recording a single and album with Simon Rompani and Keith Clarke (Ain't Gonna Break & Shiver) she moved to Berlin to push herself as an aritst and performer.  It was here that Ruby found herself becoming a full time street performer.

Last year she teamed up with David Stewart Ingleton and started traveling around Europe and the US playing on the streets, concert venues, festivals (Joy Festival 2017) and even living room concerts (Sofar Sounds Berlin). The pair have since developed as a duo with stunning harmonies and their own brand of americana. A live EP (Putt Putt) was recorded with Tomas Peralta to sell on the street. Their unique take on the genre began to attract more live performers and are now able to play as a big band on stage or a duo in your living room. For Ruby, anywhere can be her stage.