Sofar Sounds – Berlin

Last autumn we were lucky enough to take part in SoFar Sounds. It really was such an honour to take part in this beautiful project. I'm so happy see spaces that keep the magic and intimacy of art alive! I hope you enjoy watching and listening as much as we enjoyed creating.

Bar Bobu

That was such a lovely week of concerts! You guys got me walking on sunshine in these cold winter months! Thank you to everyone who supported us this week and a huge thank you to my awesome band of Deep Fried Babies, you guys are the best.

Ruby Jean Rose Live in the USA

I had such a wonderful time in the US but I'm now back in Berlin. It was so great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones! Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip special, you know who you are. Here is a little video filmed by my Stepmum, Lisa Enos, of some of the gigs I played and my radio debut! Love you and miss you all, until next time! <3


Shiver is now available on iTunes and Spotify. I'm so happy to finally release this album. This is the journey I have taken over the last 3 years to reach who I am today and I can't wait for you all to hear it. Thank you so much Simon Rompani & Keith Clarke for producing and mentoring me through thick and thin. And a very special thanks to Paul Everest, Stu Thoy, and Adrian Truman for playing on the record, Paulo Catumba, Jodie Deakin, Marta Klara, Evan O'Malley and Alexandra Sas for the beautiful album cover, Not Them Again Music for publishing it and everyone who has stood by me through all the blood, sweat and yes some tears in creating this! I'm so pleased with the outcome I can't wait for what's next.

“No One’s Out There (But You)” – Live in Lewes

My album, Live in Lewes comes out on the 1st of June. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify and wherever I happen to be standing. I'm so excited to release this! A huge thank you to Brighton Electric & Hydrophonics Workshop for mixing and recording and to everyone who helped make this happen. Here's a video of Stu Thoy and I playing "No One's Out There".   Filmed by Jim Stokes Creative -

“Diamonds” – Live in Lewes

My album, Live in Lewes, is coming so so soon. Here is a video of me playing "Diamonds" a song about how much I hate the diamond trade. Stay tuned.

Filmed & edited by Jim Stokes Creative -